The Great Attic Escape

Here is an exquisite #RoomEscapeGame by #MateuszSkutnik!
 O.K. Anyone with an I.Q. under 40 would learn by now to always leave the door open(at least in this house). But apparently, Dufus is the exception to the rule. While heading on up to the attic, a sharp nail leaves him stumbling on the dry dusty wooden floor. Dufus meanwhile swings his elbow and knocks the trap door slam shut. All closed doors within the house lock by default. So as you can tell, this is gonna be another long day.

 Introducing "The Great Attic Escape". Produced by Mateusz Skutnik and his team at Pascal Games. The sixth installment of "The Great House Escape". Preceded by "The Great 'Kitchen', 'Living Room', 'bathroom', 'Basement', and 'Bedroom' Escapes".

 Use your mouse's basic instinct on pointing-and-clicking around the creaky attic floor. Look for gizmos(including a few bats) to colligate into your master plan in escaping from the attic. A problem only Dufus could of gotten into. Hey, I bet the locksmith makes a killing from his mistakes!

Great Attic Escape Walkthrough

The Great Attic Escape Review

 A marvelous and unique enhancement has been inserted within the games plot structure.(bat boogieing, toy cars, phonographic 45's, and meticulous contraptions on everyday and not-so everyday appliances. Even the music gets groovy a bit for a change(Though it just might get on your nerves after 10 minutes). The zany art and animation has become this guys middle name. It's what you'd expect from a great house room-escape. In all, I believe "The Great Attic Escape" is fresh and innovative. Something familiar yet new he hadn't done before! I wonder if they'll be a seventh installment?

Ratings 4.99 Stars!

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This is all part of The Great Escape Series!


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