Easter Bunny Differences

Here is an excellent #SpotTheDifference #FlashGame geared towards the #EasterSeason!
 Both differencegames.com and girlsgames.com have collaborated to create "Easter Bunny". a point-and-click spot the difference puzzle game.

 See if you can depict up to 5 differences between the two parallel graphics. Try to aim at getting them right in consecutive order(for a higher score). Every right answer awards you 5 points. However, get any wrong and you'll as quickly lose them.

 There is a Hint and No Hint mode. I would strongly encourage you to not look for hints. The game is easy enough as it is.;) Good luck and Happy Easter 2009!

Easter Bunny Differences Review

 I was very intrigued by the storybook graphics and smooth picturesque artwork throughout. The music and sound-effects just fit right in to the overall mood of the puzzle-solver. So if your desperately searching for a good spot-the-difference geared towards the Easter holiday, look no further then The Easter Bunny!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Easter Bunny!


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