Submachine 2-"The Lighthouse"

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 "Submachine 2" is a point-and-click multi room-escape from a Polish game designer from Pascal Games. The same fellas who were right behind "The Great House Escape".
 For some peculiar reason, you have been getting flashbacks on memories of your childhood. It was in third grade. Your class took a field trip to the historic Ben Light House. The tour guide gave an intriguing account on a man who tragically lost his arm 300 years ago. Right on the same spot this light house now stands. It's been said many times before. Something within those soils awakened a deep insatiable desire for that parcel of land. As a result, the old man knocked down the forest and built a light house in there place. He never stopped adding new rooms to the house the rest of his life-so it is believed.

 Could it be whatever was residing within that dirt taught him inter-dimensional travel and the use of the third arm? Years later, the lighthouse was vacant and deserted. No one knows why. Yet some say his soul has been cursed to spend an eternity roaming the corridors of despair. Still others claim the man to be still alive passing through space and time itself.

 About this time, the tour guide called for a half an hour break to go play a few games. The last thing you could recall was playing "Submachine". The next minute, a deep feeling of drowsiness overshadowed you. Before long, your out cold and were somehow inside the game-solving the very same puzzles while you were awake(maybe this could explain some of your daja vu).

 Now, you have finally awaken but not on the same plane of existence. Everything seems eerie and uninviting. Laden with more riddles and signs to decipher. Could this actually be another dimension or just some computer simulation by the man with the so-called third arm?..

Ratings: 5 Stars!

In case your stuck, I've found a two part video Walkthrough for reference.

Now go ahead and play The Lighthouse!

This is part two of the Submachine Series!


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