Submachine Remix(Extended Version)

Here is the extended version of #Submachine 1 by #MateuszSkutnik. #PointAndClick
 "Submachine Remix" is an extended version of "Submachine". Created by the same guy who was behind "The Great House Escape" series.
 After making an escape, you find yourself on a pristine beach-Untouched by human hands. The sounds of the forest are welcoming you from behind. Instantaneously, a deep wave of exhaustion overtakes you. Everything gradually faded away within a dark mist of squiggly lines and stars. That's all your memory is able to recall.

 It very well looks like you've been duped into a mirage! Now it appears you're going through it all over again(a.k.a daja vu). Though not in a technical way. You see, whoever this fella claims to be has jumbled all the rooms and added a few more to spice things up a bit. You must try to find a way to solve this belated riddle and escape to what looks like a cellar. But to what?

Submachine Remix Walkthrough

  • Go up and flip the first switch then go back down again.
  • Go left three times then up and grab valve.
  • Flip the second switch.
  • Go down then right to place the valve onto the pipe.
  • Go right, down, left, then down again.
  • Grab coin.
  • Go right then down and flip the third switch.
  • Go down then left.
  • Use the code on the coin and type in the four numbers on the machine.
  • Grab the fuse from the box.
  • Go right then up twice. Go right and then down to the fuse box.
  • Insert the missing white fuse.
  • go up, right, up, then left two times.
  • Pull the lever down to generate electricity.
  • Go left twice, then down, right, down again, right again, then up.
  • The three random switches that you flipped earlier should have activated the policker which should give you your first tile.
  • Go down, left, up, left, then down twice.
  • Up towards the metallic pipes, there are three circles embed within a rectangle. Remember that pattern well(vertigo=up/horizontal=down)
  • Go up twice and then left.
  • Designate the pumps according to the design shown from the metallic pipes.
  • Go right, up, then left and turn the valve(this should burst a pipe in another room).
  • Go right, down, right again, down again, then a final right and down to find a broken pipe with a Pearl.
  • Go back to where you came from but take an extra left and insert the pearl into the clock to get the second tile.
  • Go right twice, then down three times, and a final right into a room of bells.
  • Click the bells in consecutive order from left to right. Then click on the third bell(this should open up the forth and final tile within the metallic box
  • Go left, up twice, then left and down again to flip a secret switch(this'll open up a secret passage in another room.
  • Go up, right, up, right, and then up twice(grab the mysterious floating diamond. Go down twice and then left to embed the missing tiles within the circle.(this will open up a portal to an elevator).
  • Elevator to Middle Earth going up!
  • When you press the button to open, there is a choice between two doors.
  • Door #1 leads back to the beach where you fainted.
  • Door #2 takes you someplace else to explore. I'm afraid the journeys still not over.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

To Be Continued...

Play Submachine Remix!

This is all part of the Submachine Series!


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