Submachine 3-"The Loop"

Here is the third installment to #Submachine by #MateuszSkutnik.
 "Submachine 3" is another point-and-click puzzle-solver from Mateusz Skutnik. Going beyond your ordinary room-escape game! He takes you to what can be thought of as the boundaries of our own Universe. We've thus far managed to get by "Submachine" Twice. Then wander through the corridors of what turned out to be "The Lighthouse". Now, you've been teleported to an interdimensional gab outside of time and space itself. In other words, your stuck in Limbo.
 Mur-The man with the Third Arm is the one behind all this. One lousy field-trip to the lighthouse has made you lose your grip of reality. That last riddle promised to send you back home. But now you must solve a brand new batch of puzzles fresh from the oven. Made just the way you'd like 'em. It's almost as if you've grown a little fond of these circular combination's. Which is why you might not escape from this "Loop" at all!

Ratings: 5 Stars!


Now play Submachine 3!

This is all part of the Submachine Series!


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