Here is the short version to #Submachine 1 by #MateuszSkutnik.
 "Submarine" is the first in ten room-escape games devised by the talented Mateusz J. Skutnik-a Polish game developer who was behind the creation of "The Great House Escape" series and many other goodies.

 It all started when a man went camping-out with his peeps in the woods. During the second day the man hiked for a few hours among the trails of the forest. Until coming across an axe tied up on a rope, suspended from a tree branch. Right below, the leaves appeared to be stacked in the shape of an X. He went to get a closer look until the rope gave way!

 Within a blink of an eye, his arm was torn asunder. Luckily, a good Samaritan just happened to be nearby with an i-phone. Immediately, the paramedics were on call. They took him to the emergency ward in an attempt to sew his arm back on. No such luck. doctors finally determined he would be partially maimed the rest of his life.

 As the years progressed, friends and family noticed a personality change. No longer did he enjoy company but tended to be very avoidant and to himself. He was busy reading a mystical parchment found right on the spot his arm got torn in two(buried within the X). One quotation from the document could be found plastered all over his walls.

"He that contains the third arm of karma; nothing shall be impossible for him."
About a year later, he suspiciously vanished! A note was found on his bed which read...
"The power that surges through my veins gives me such an adrenaline rush. People don't understand what power lays within each of them. Everyone has turned their backs on me. And so I had to move on to give my third arm some breathing space."
 Up to this day, there is not one shred of evidence to his whereabouts. Until that very night he kidnapped you in some sub-machine he devised-believed to be buried deep within the Earth's crust!

 Get out your mouse and stethoscope. Cause there will be a lot of pointing-and-clicking(though no pixel-hunting thank goodness). You must solve some ancient riddles in order to find an escape to this subterranean loophole. But the question still remains. Is This It?

To Be Continued...

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Here's a Walkthrough!

Play Submachine 1!

This is all part of the Submachine Series!


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