Riddle Escape

Here is a good #EscapeGame by #Gamershood.
 How would you react in a maze of riddle-laden rooms---Yes, I would too. Introducing "Riddle Escape". An escape-the-room flick by the folks at gamershood.com.

 Your kidnappers have an insatiable urge to lock their victims up. Then subtly provide a way of escape. All while munching on popcorn from the sidelines. If your smart enough to get out, they won't attempt to recapture you. But if you don't, an eternity of puzzle-solving will be your fate. So in a nutshell, you are a guinea-pig!

 There are about 6 rooms in all. Figure out what all the items mean in each corresponding room. Then type that code on the combination door lock to advance to the next room. Good luck and may the riddle trolls be with you.

Riddle Escape Review

 I loved just how challenging yet simplified the game play was. But it was a bit too short and lacking on the interactivity department. Plus a lot of us from America use the term multicolored(as opposed to varicolored). Other then those two nuances, Gamers Hood has brought an interesting riddle to the table.

Ratings: 3.5 Stars!

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