Submachine-The Series

Here is a critically acclaimed #PointAndClick adventure series by #MateuszSkutnik! #Submachine
 You are about to get immersed within an inter-dimensional force-field. More likely a gab between two realities within our Universe. Or as Mur implicitly describes, A complex system of interwoven data accumulated from both worlds-a chasm outside both time and space. May I introduce you to Mur's(a.k.a Mateusz Skutnik's) finest achievement, "The Submachine Series".

 What began during the Summer of 2005 has evolved into what many are saying is his most intriguing and suspenseful interactive room-escape yet! And according to Mat himself, the series is far from over. Sometime this year, an official 6th episode should get off the launching pad! But until then, I encourage you to get yourself submerged within "The Submachine Series"!

 Loosely related to the series to keep us on the edge of our seats are the following...


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