Loops of Zen 2-Entangled

Get a hold of serenity in loops of zen 2! #Alproductions #StrategyGames
 From the studios of alproductions.us comes the second installment of "Loops of Zen". A puzzle-solving game created by Dr. Arend Hinzi with the music coming from Chris Adami. Go Here to play the very first installment.

 Basically, the keyword is Loops. Use your mouse to unscramble a whole sea of lines and curvatures. Your goal is to connect them in a whole tapestry of loop de loos until you've reached the zenith point. In which, a perfect and serene shape of Zen will transport you unto the next course.

 Wearies the last installment had 50 level, this one is believed to contain an infinite number of entries. Click on each grid to rotate the curvatures around in a 90 degree angle. Type the letter G if you'd rather not be bothered by the grids. The letter M stands for mute. Q=To quit. Click the curser to go over what you've already beaten.

 Go ahead and untangle yourselves from these grids to create the Loops of Zen. Again, don't expect Nirvana.;)

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Loops of Zen 2!


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