Submachine-Future Loop Foundation

Here is a #Submachine based around a Netherlands band #FutureLoop Foundation. #MateuszSkutnik
 Here is what I interpret to be the extension of the forth installment of Mats "Submachine Series"-a suspenseful room-escape point-and-click specially made for "The Future Loop Foundation"-a DJ band from the Netherlands. You'll even find a snippet of one of their recordings if you search hard enough.

 Although not officially a part of the series, I think Mur's giving further clues on how you got here in the first place. It appears you've been snatched away and in a deep coma for a long time. I have a feeling The Future Loop Foundation is a turning point. Just listening to your childhood memories from the reel to reel will send shivers down your spine. What wrong move did you make while playing Truth Or Dare? Only time will tell.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

In the meantime, here is the Walkthrough!

Now play Future Loop Foundation!

This is all part of the Submachine Series!


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