Submachine 4-"The Lab"

Here is the fourth installment to an already brilliant series by #MateuszSkutnik! #Submachine
 Just when you thought Mateusz could not surpass his earlier achievements, "Submachine 4" takes you on a journey in the wow factor! But before you set your face against this uncharted territory, I'd strongly recommend you go check out The one that started it all. The Original "Submachine" and it's accompanying "Extended Version", followed up by "The Lighthouse" and "The Eternal Loop". But if you've journeyed thus far, congratulations! Now go grab yourself a chair and a mouse and let's get clicking!

 The culprit has now fully identified himself as Murtaugh. Further, it appears that your not alone(nor the only victim). Others have gone on before you and never lived to tell the tale. What's even more mind boggling is Murtaugh just might be the victim of a grander scheme. These dimensions seem to be interwoven and part of a much larger system or network. But what? Could it be you are wondering through the bowels of a living entity? If not, then who or what do you suppose tore off Murtaugh's arm that one fateful night?

Submachine 4 Review


 The riddle as a whole is a lot longer then it's predecessors. But not to worry. Solving the puzzle is fairly on an even keel-Not to excruciating-Yet not too obvious. This game goes way beyond your typical room-escape. Not even an escape-the-house could suffuse a description. Which is why I've stamped this series under the umbrella-term point-and-click(anything that only requires a mouse and a brain). Clearly, this series should be nominated for the Casual Gamers Hall Of Fame if there ever was such a thing. And he ain't through just yet! Stay tuned for number 5.

To Be Continued...

Ratings: 5 Stars!

In case you get stuck, here's a Walkthrough!

Now play Submachine 4!

This is all part of the Submachine Series!


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