Easter Bunny Platformer

Here is an #Easter-themed #Platformer hosted by #DailyFreeGames! #EasterBunny #EasterGames
 "Easter Bunny Game" is a platforming adventure hosted by Daily Free Games. Basically, all you really need is a Spacebar[for jumping] and an all-consuming desire to horde all the Easter eggs for yourself.

 No need for the Arrow Keys as Mr. Easter Bunny does it all as he goes hippity-hop to the barber shop. Just be extra careful not to become a bump in the log. Too many hits will end your quest. Try to collect as many Easter Eggs as possible.

 This year, the Easter Bunny has gone on strike. He will not share his delicacies with the well-behaved. This year kids, your on your own!

Easter Bunny Game Review

 Now this conforms fairly well to the spirit of Easter[speaking in secular terms]. The Easter eggs in particular seem very edible. Now for those of you who enjoy playing holiday games that are not too challenging, "Easter Bunny Platformer" is a choice I would recommend.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Easter Bunny Game!


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