Loops of Zen 3

Here is the third and final installment to #LoopsofZen a #Serenity #StrategyGame by #alproductions. From Dr. Arend Hinze and Chris Adami comes the third installment to a puzzle-solvers paradise. "Loops of Zen Three"! Produced by alproductions.com

 Fairly similar to past installments(a.k.a. "Loops of Zen" and "Entangled"), you must connect the lines and curves to make loop de doos. They do not all have to connect as one shape. Your goal is to rotate each piece until no end pieces are showing. It is only there that you'll transport unto a higher conscientiousness. Or as we call it, the next stage.

 In this installment, there are 35 courses. Use your mouse to rotate the grids in a 90-degree angle. If the music bugs you, just hit M on your keyboard. If you just wanna quit, press Q. Now go create some Loops of Zen. And remember, you might get hypnotized but don't expect Nirvana.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Loops of Zen 3!


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