Mind Scape

Mindscape is a game developed by #Manuel and his team from minddistortions.net! #Platformer #AdventureGames
 Our focus tonight takes us to a dreamy little platformer by the name of "Mind Scape". Developed by Manuel and his team at minddistortions.net. Basically, the only buttons you'll be needing to press are A, D, and W. Otherwise sit back and enjoy the ride.

 Our little friend has fallen asleep and wound up in a distorted version of reality. Without any cue on weather he's still snoozing, Mr. Bunny in pink exclaims it a whole delusion! A paradise socked with candies and other nursery rhyme nonsense scattered along windless platforms that defy the laws of physics. And the part he doesn't tell ya? Your trapped in here forever!

 Welcome to a world of omni-gravity! Where every surface will pull you right-side-up! You are in what appears to be another Universe containing it's own blueprint of thermodynamics. Whenever you find a dead-end, jump and the force of gravity will go with you. You might get a little dizzy at first, but time adjusts.

 Grab as much candy as you can while avoiding the baddies(monkeys and robots). Find the key to the portal unto the next course. Good luck and may you come back to reality(hopefully)!

Mind Scape Review

 The only major problem that really stuck out were the controls. Since I'm not used to WASD(and neither are any kids who've grown up in the 90's), it can get pretty darn frustrating to steer the bugger(nevermind getting waked by a monkey in the process). My suggestion would be to at least install an options tab to appease the rest of us.

 This has a fairly interesting storyline with basically your average soundtracks and effects-With a remarkable gameplay experience! Though the artwork was nothing banging, it did strike a cartoonist sense of delusion.

 To wrap this up for the evening, I really think Manuel did a great job-Honing this intricate platformer together-Piece by piece. Again, my only complaint is the WASD dilemma(update now the arrow keys can be used awesome!).

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

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