Funky Truck Arizona

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 Today, our attention brings us on a test drive on a funky utility vehicle within the dusty mountains of Arizona. Created by David Thornton of Belonging to the general category "Sports Games" and more specifically within the "monster truck/test-driving adventure" flash gaming niche.

 Use the Upper/Lower Arrows to thrust and pull yourself through many leaps and bounds. Complete with a rocky rugged terrain and plenty of pot-holes to get stuck in. Which a little teetering of the Right and Left Arrows Keys will get you out in no time. Just make sure your buggy doesn't remain upside down for too long. Otherwise, that would be the end of your adventure. Good luck and keep your eye on the beaten path.

Funky Truck Arizona

 I am fairly impressed by the physics and 2D animation that make this an exiting adventure. Not all of us online gamers enjoy the racing niche. Funky Truck Arizona is just one of several wonderfully engineered driving platformers which come to mind. However, the lack of any sounds in the background makes it hard for us to focus. Not to mention when we do tip over, there's no second chance. Now I will give him an A on the controls and easy navigation(unlike a few games I know, this ones got a firm grip). I'd say David has done a darn good job. How about you(wink)?

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

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