Jigsaw Deluxe

Let's see how well your #PuzzleSolving skills are in #Jigsaw Deluxe! #PuzzleGames Coming from the studios of Elefungames, I give you "Jigsaw Deluxe"! A purely browser-based virtual puzzle-solver! This is for all you who love strategy(there is an unlimited edition on their site for $19.95 as well as a free trial to download).

 What you'll find are a bunch of jiggies floating in a single-file line. You must solve the puzzle before they make it to the other side(They give you a second chance but afterwords, it's game over). Each piece will award you 10 points. When completed, the more line space that's available, the higher your score will be. If an icon pops up, make sure to match that corresponding puzzle-piece and rake even more goodies(like hints, line stalls, and multiples and many other surprises).

 You must have a certain amount of points to open up new puzzles and difficulty modes(1/3's,2/4's, 1/8's). Yet an option does exist to turn "Easy Does It!" off(in that case, you'll see those jiggies flash before your eyes). Of course, the game seems too simple at first. But as you advance, the puzzles just keep getting harder. So if you feel tranquil this evening and want to play it simple or rouse it up for a little challenge, "Jigsaw Deluxe" is here to satisfy everyone!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Jigsaw Deluxe!


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