Mickey Mousecapades

Remember Mickey Mousecapades from #Nintendo? Well here's a flash version from #RetroGames
 Tonight's review brings us to an old classic I'm sure you'll remember. "Mickey Mousecapades", an 8-bit 2D platforming adventure. Released in 1987 as a joint-venture between Disney and Hudson Bay(a.k.a. Capcom).

You must journey through many lands of ferocious monsters, flying fishies, zippity broomsticks, and dodge falling shandleers. Many infamous villains from Disney have made a pact to destroy all that is good. You are on a mystery quest-trying to get to the bottom of all this as you prowl your way through "The Fun House", "A pirate ship", "Ocean Land", and many other worlds full of serendipity. Look for hidden gems to equip yourself with shooting stars and keys to unlock a door unto the next level.

 Be sure to anchor yourself firmly after hopping between platforms(you don't want to kill your mate Minnie now. do you?). Remember, they're engaged. When one jumps, the other goes in right after em. Good luck on your mission and may the gods of Eisner smile upon you.

Mickey Mousecapades Review

 If they'd just tweak the sound track a bit. That would be great. It's a snap, crackle, and pop stigma. But otherwise, Virtual NES does a wonderful job executing old classics like these!

4.8 Stars!

Play Mickey Mousecapades (NES)!


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