Mind The Blox

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 Here's for a fun interactive puzzle-solving strategy-builder to wrap up the month of February. The name of the game is "Mind The Blox" by Galinda Paganini.

 Use your mouse to click on two or more adjacent blox heads of the same color. Find an occasional purple eater to clear out everything in it's respective row except keys(you must align those at the bottom in order to advance unto the next stage). A bomb or a mushroom will also bail you out if times are tough. But whatever you do, leave the skulls alone. Just one click will convert a whole row into their kind. The gameplay is very similar to Bejeweled. Just in a totally unique outfit!

Mind The Blox Review

 I just love the whole concept of this brainstorm trivia game. Weather it be the silky-smooth sound-effects or the floatry animation. Gelinda has done a stupendous job taking Bejeweled on a whole new spin!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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