Mix Master Beats

See how well you do mixing music under the microscope! #MusicGames #OnlineGames Ever wonder what it be like to mix tapes like a DJ? Ever craved to make your own jamming sessions? Well tonight I have a little something from the studios of IndieGames. The game is called "Mix Master Beats". The name says it all!

 After selecting your specified music genre use your creativity and mash up your tunes to make the desired effect. Take these sounds and put them under the microscope. When finished jammin', hit save and relish what you have created(you can even brag about it with your friends). The skies the limit(well, not really. But you know what I mean)! For those of you who like music, this ain't a bad choice.

Mix Master Beats Review

 As with most musical online games, there's not enough genre nor sounds to choose from. You just have to accept what's available. Yet this game does stand out in terms of the amount of mixing offered. All within a major recording studio. Now all IndieGames has to do now is offer more functionality with the mixingand their on their way!

ratings: 4.7 Stars!

Play "Mix Master Beats"!(beware: some links on site lead to suggestive material.)

Play the original "Mix Master"!(unfortunatly game is now defunct)


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