Dog House Escape

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 From the assembly line of 123bee comes another room-escape game. Not just any room. But a dog house. What's more? Either you are a dog or ponderously exclaiming...
"Honey, we shrunk ourselves!"

Dog House Escape

 One morning your dog begged to play fetch out in the front lawn. Between tossing and turning all night to working another eight hour shift, you sternly give a resounding "No!" Then he gives the old cutesy routine. With those eyes pinned sappily on yours, there was no way of escape except to give in. So after getting ready and eating breakfast, you grab a Frisbee and head on out the door with Rex.

 It was a budding Spring morning full of sunshine and fresh air. A perfect day to be outdoors. Bouncing up and down with his tongue sticking out, Rex impatiently barked for you to toss his toy high in the air. But oddly enough, as if by purpose, he dodges the Frisbee to your left right inside his little den. All you did was bend down to pick it up. That's when a strange force field overtook you.

 At first what appeared to be squiggly lines from a television set ascended from Rex's house. Then the force of gravity became two times heavier before the mist lifted to reveal an awfully familiar room. What looks to be the same furnishings you sprinkled upon Rex's sleeping quarters, your head screams...
"I'm in the house!?"
 Like most room-escape-games, the mouse is your only control devise to point-and-click for clues on how to escape the dog house. Now you know why Rex wanted to play with you so bad. Hopefully Einstein's theory is correct. Otherwise, you can kiss your job goodbye.

Dog House Escape Walkthrough

1. Go left to click on top drawer and collect red ball.

2. Click above toward picture and grab all the shapes.

3. Go to main view click on red picture above fridge.

4. Click on each corresponding bone then use the arrow keys to steer it towards it's destination(afterwords the picture will reveal a real bone to grab).

5. Go to dog picture on the left and insert bone in his mouth.

6. Click on the left side of the bone and push it all the way down(which should unlock the right door for you to enter).

7. Now you'll be decorating the first dog pic to your right.

8. Go to first pic on left and click to steal his fur coat(then give it to the first right pic.

9. Do the same this on the second right dog's tough.

10. Now grab the eyes from the third right dogs eyes and do likewise.

11. Last but not least, get the dog house from the second left pic to give the first right dog a place to sleep(this should open up the next door for you to go in).

12. Click on left picture and grab hook.

13. click on dog cage and grab second bottom vertigo bar from the left.

14. Click and drag red ball from inventory and let the dog fetch it.

15. Use hook to try and grab key(clicking the hook right on the key usually helps).

16. Use the key to open and let the dog out( so you can put him in your inventory).

17. Go to main view then place dog to the right of milk bin.

18. First click him then the milk bin so he can drink all it's contents.

19. Zoom into the bin and you'll see a small rectangle encased there(don't forget to put dog back in inventory).

20. Go back to the first room and click on the dogs sleeping quarters(which moves to reveal the same shapes you found above drawers).

21. Take small rectangle in inventory find a embed it on the corresponding shape(this will unlock the door next to the fridge).

22. But first go into the second room with pictures again and place dog from inventory to the right of the door.

23. Click on him then the tiles ahead of last picture on the right.

24. Zoom in and click on white tile(where he sniffed). Grab the key and dog.

25. Go to first room and open door next to fridge.

26. Now place dog on the right side of door and click him then the lock so he can smell it.

27. Now use the key to unlock it and you'll be free at last!

Dog House Escape Review

 These sound effects do give a slight indication of eeriness. Aside from winding up in a dog house with three rooms, I do not find much in the way of uniqueness. But it does have a straightforward yet profound execution. As for stickiness, I'm fairly confident you'll come back to it for more(but don't count on it a year from now).

Ratings: 4.6 Stars!

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