Arcane The Stone Circle Series

Get immersed into a marvelous work of fiction by #Sarkan! #InteractiveNarrative #PointAndClick
Long ago before time existed,

 There lived the Great Ancients who ruled the Universe and brought it through many aeons of chaos. Matter only was a substance of inertia. Everything that was became no more. Nothing could stop these creatures. Until some new gods arrived on the scene many years into the future.

 There was a war in the heavens so violent, planets, stars, and galaxies were brought forth and expanded unto the four corners of the Universe(along with a race of humans on each star). Eventually, the new god's cast The Great Ancients into the realm of the uncreated. Where they have been wandering ever since. Doing everything in their power to hurt and deceive the human race among the stars. Just waiting on the right time when they'll be released with the help of a few unsuspecting mortals. May I introduce you to...

Arcane The Stone Circle

 A point-and-click mystery-solving adventure game created by Sarbakan of Warner Brothers Studios. Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. "The Stone Circle" is the second installment of Arcane. The first was "The Miller Estate" which I'll review soon(my bad...[smile]). Some time in the near future a third installment will be launched. There are 8 sequels in all.

Arcane The Stone Circle Review

 The moment I set my eyes on this mystery serial, I was hooked to the sequel. What make it even more fascinating were the consequences of 0ver-pixel-hunting. Very similar to "Nightmare: The Adventures"(also by Sarbakan). Over-do it with the mouse and some creator from the black lagoon will come and take you away! I especially loved the high-voice quality and superbly detained graphics throughout the series. The storyline is one heck of an epic literary piece! An element that truly stands out with Sabakan.

 Prepare to be immersed into a mythological realm of suspense and mystery. Full of magic and intrigue. Truly a work of fiction in which you are a part of.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

  1. Arcane Part 1
  2. Arcane Part 2
  3. Arcane Part 3
  4. Arcane Part 4
  5. Arcane Part 5
  6. Arcane Part 6
  7. Arcane Part 7
  8. Arcane Part 8

Note: Due to my personal convictions, I wish to stress that this in no way endorses a belief in the occult!


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