Arcane The Stone Circle 8

This is the eighth and final installment to #Arcane the Stone Circle by #Sarbakan.
 Finally, all relics have been acquired. It's time we take a stroll to the fabled stone hedge. It is said that in order to destroy the beast, one must go through an inter-dimensional portal and lay the demons carcasses upon the alter and connect the stone hedges in the order of the stars.

 Unfortunately, Baroness turns out to be the missing link! After all this time, she was Alisha Blackwood-the one reported dead along the Thames. What's more? She turned out to be a traitor and awakens the terrible creator! Quickly they use the Talisman of Yhe to bind this forsaken monster. Little do they know about the consequences of doing so.

 At last, the cardinal reveals himself along with his minions. After all this time, they were using them to accomplish their most dreadful mission. What "The Elder Star" could only dream of has now come to fruition. Because of what they have done in ignorance, The Great Ancients now have free rein to cast this Universe unto aeons of chaos!

The End

If you'd like to see previous episodes, just go to my previous post "Arcane: The Second Series".

And here is the Walkthrough for episode 8.

Now go play Arcane: The Stone Circle 8!

Note: Due to my personal convictions, I wish to stress that this in no way endorses a belief in the occult!


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