Arcane The Stone Circle 7

Here is the seventh installment to #Arcane season 2 by #Sarbakan for #WarnerBros.
 At the end of the whole ordeal, Ophelia went into a deep sleep for about a half in hour. Afterwords she sprawled up from the couch and told the story on how she had to unite with past, present, and future to obtain the "Talisman of Yhe". Yet there was a piece of the tale which didn't quite connect. The Cardinal actually aided her in obtaining this sacred relic!

 This threw everyone off guard. Even her father was quite suspicious. But after much pondering, Doctor MacDermoth felt what this ex-bishop was up to and asked for a lift to St. George's Monastery. Prescott agreed to go along with him while Ophelia got some much needed rest at Vonaburg's house. What they find leads then to yet another clue in the discovery of the missing body parts and why members of The Elder Star have regarded them as most sacred.

To Be Continued...

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Note: Due to my personal convictions, I wish to stress that this in no way endorses a belief in the occult!


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