Zelda Invaders 2

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 As a follow-up to "Zelda Invaders" I now give you part 2. Brought to you by JP Productions.

 As if one battle weren't enough, Ganondorf now challenges Link to another fight to what he refers to as "the old fashioned way". The Great Deku Tree bids him further to destroy every last one of them until Hyrule is at peace from all sides. From now on, The Gerardo Valley Desert will be delegated a king with sterling character. No longer will Gannon deceive each passing generation with smooth and flattering lips. This time he'll be locked up in the realm of time for eternity.

Zelda Invaders 2 Review

 This time around, Link is showing off what he has with two soundtracks from his catalog. Yet out of respect for "Space Invaders", he hasn't bothered tampering with the sound-effects(such a good boy). In some ways, Zelda Invaders has improved from part one. However, I wish JP used a few more music files instead of just two. But otherwise they did great(especially with the introduction).

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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