Igloo Escape

Here is Igloo Escape-a #Winter #RoomEscape by #Gamershood! #WinterFlashGames #WinterGames Talk about the Mighty Quin! All you wanted to do was camp out for the night Eskimo style. Then be on your way hiking through the Americas(after all, who wants to sleep out in -50 degree weather). Yet these polar bears had other plans on their agenda.

 The next morning these white furry things are lounging in front of the igloo, just waiting to snatch an unsuspecting victim for breakfast. Quickly, you develop a shrewd plan to subtly escape between the cracks. Let the games begin!

 Use every resource imaginable and create an insidious back door so you can escape their becoming their palette(unless human steak eggs somehow gives you butterflies). Besides, Global Warming has scared all the fishes away and left them all wondering around like stark raving dads. Not to worry, Global Cooling will all make that history.

Igloo Escape Review

 The lack of any sound-scape or sound-effect makes the atmosphere a bit dry. The execution is nothing really new. Though the concept of getting trapped inside an igloo is a first I've got to admit. Although nothing in the wow factory, I'd certainly recommend it as a Winter themed flash game.

Ratings: 3.5 Stars!

Igloo Escape Walkthrough

1. Get the wooden stick behind the glass cabinet.

2. Go right twice and grab second wooden stick under small table.

3. Go right once. Click under big table and grab third wooden stick.

4. Go up towards the ceiling. Grab the black-stringed net.

5. Go to the windows. Place net on the right window and pull on it to trap bird. He will drop a match stick for you to pick up.

6. Go towards the penguin and click on his hand. Use match to light up.

7. Go towards the windows and light a fire.

8. Use the fire to light the three wooden sticks.

9. Go back to the penguin and use lighted wooden sticks to melt three ice cubes at the bottom center wall.

10. After that, grab a small blue key at the bottom right opening(you might have to pixel your mouse around).

11. Use key to open top cabinet at the entrance.

12. Grab fourth wooden stick and light it up.

13. Use it to melt the forth ice cube near the penguin and small table.

14. You have successfully escaped from becoming polar bear breakfast!

Play Igloo Escape!


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