Daffy Duck's Studio Adventures

Daffy has been conned by Hollywood and needs your help to #escape getting boobytrapped. #CartoonGames
 Daffy Duck has just received a mysterious call from the studio, asking him to act a role for a 2010 premier film. They promised a huge comeback in the making! With a whole string of shorts just waiting to be produced. Immediately, Daffy packed his bags and headed for Hollywood.

 "I hope this doesn't disappoint like 'Loney Tones Back In Action'. Just take me to Cinema Square mistral hoo-hoo hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!"

 As the limo driver opened the door for the duck, he quickly spun out a quarter and exclaimed "here's a tip for ya mate woo-hoo-hoo-ho-hoo-hoo!" Hysterically, the duck zoomed into the studio with his tongue sticking out. Suddenly it dawned on him. This was a girls dressing room which was right next door to his studio. The girls screamed. Daffy opened his beak. But before he could utter a few syllables, the guards promptly kicked him out.

"This is certainly not the star treatment I was hoping for, Sheesh!" Said Daffy with a crooked beek.

 As he entered the studio, it was strangely quiet. Everything was where it should be. Yet only one body showed up. "It's gotta be rush hour traffic you know" So off he goes unto his dresser room where a cold splash of reality soaked his bill with shock and disappointment. Suddenly realizing he was set up in a Hollywood obstacle course where our adventure begins.

Introducing Daffy's Studio Adventures

 You must help poor Daffy escape from this studio with his yellow bill attached to his face. Use the Arrow Keys to move about the platforms and the Space Bar for jumping from one place to another. Let's go show these windbags who there messing with! Yet this does not erase the fact that it was all nothing but hype!

Daffy's Studio Adventures Review

 The soundtrack and effects do not stray one iota from the tradition we all come to know and love Daffy Duck. the motion pictures are of high quality with three-dimensional graphic and fairly robust animation. The executions pretty original though consistent of on what you'd expect when hearing about a game on Daffy Duck. So to conclude this brief review, I find Daffy's Studio Adventures quite fun, somewhat engaging, and very entertaining!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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