Valentine's Escape

Here is #Valentine Escape by CafeGames! #ValentinesDay Getting to your girlfriends heart ain't as easy as they'd want you to believe. It takes work, a lot of patience, and inner strength. Things some guys just don't have. Well, this fella has really messed up pretty bad. She won't even talk to him anymore. Leaving him to pick up the pieces.

 Get inside the man's head as he feels shunned and so has locked himself up in his minds closet(or in this case an imaginary bedroom). Find all the hidden 14 puzzle pieces. Connect all of them at the door to solve this perplexing riddle and open the key to your lovers heart. That way, you'll live happily ever after.

Valentine's Day Escape Review

 I wish there was more interactivity and animation to the game play(heck, not even any music or sounds to accompany your quest). Although I've gotta give it to their resolution. As they say a pictures worth a thousand words. Great job "Cafe Cafe Games"! Yes, it needs a little more oomph. But all in all, I enjoy this relevant room-escape.

Ratings: 3.9 Stars! 

Valentine's Day Escape Walkthrough

1. Under the bed right side.

2. Behind Teddy Bear.

3. Behind Teddy Bear painting.

4. Within cabinet up in a box on shelf.

5. Within chest(click left nob to open).

6. Within second, fourth, and fifth draws below butterfly painting.

7. Right beside drawers on the floor to your left.

8. Under upper right corner of rug.

9. Under the right side of head lamp.

10. Behind right curtain.

11. Within right side of plant vase.

12. Forth book from the right on bottom book shelf.

13. On top of mirror near small crown.

14. Right under the dressing chair mat.

15. Now go to the front door and put all the pieces together to open the key to your lovers heart.

*Note* Some pieces don't appear until you've acquired some other pieces.

Play Valentine's Escape!

{Warning: links on their site will lead to some suggestive games.]


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