Valentine Crush

Here is Valentine Crush-a #Match3Game with music by #KevinMcLeod! #ValentinesDay Valentine's Day is all about puppy love and butterflies in your stomach. Chocolate is sweeter. The roses are more red and cupid is poised to strike you with his darts. But is it to further the cause of love? No!

 This year, cupid has given up on love. Instead, he's endeavoring to break-up as many couples possible. His arrows are now dipped in bitterness and is getting ready to strike the next round of unsuspecting sweet-hearts. he needs your help to accomplish this malevolent task.

 Find two or more pairs of the same color-coded hearts(a.k.a. love-birds) to sow the seeds of discord to score more points(the more the better). Those hearts that glow are worth double your or ordinary soul-mates. A green broken heart symbolizes an already broken relationship(use that to get out of a jam). But leave more then ten without a bad match and your anti-cupid days are over! Good luck and may the fairies be with you!

Valentine Crush Review

 I love how the execution has the feel of a scratch film from the Roaring 20's. With Reggie music giving you a sense of antiquity. The sound-effects likewise gives fond memories of an arcade during the 80's. Now the game was a bit too easy but I did enjoy it nonetheless. The flash and animation was suburb and of squeaky-clean quality. One of the best Valentine's games I've seen thus far!

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

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