Treasure Hunter Escape 2-The Mysterious Ship

Join John Marven as he voyages for the Bermuda Triangle in search for gold! #RoomEscape #AdventureGames #PointAndClick
 After evading a certain fate with the king of Spain, John Marven voyages for the Bermuda Triangle. For it is here that legends speak of a large deserted island in the Atlantic. Where gold is to be found. There's even an ancient legend proclaiming it as the remnants to one of the seven sunken islands of Atlantis. Where Egyptian merchants would bypass to reach the continent in the far west to sell rare perfumes and spices to the chiefs of that land.

 But when he arrived, an abandoned ship was found half-way barreled ashore. Immediately, John ventures in to find mounds upon mounds of pure gold already excavated and refined for the taking. But the only problem about all this. There's no way out of this mysterious ship!

 A curse has fallen on poor John Marven. You must find clues to break the spell and escape this retched ship with gold in hand. The god's of the Bermuda Triangle have set their face against you. If you do not break this curse, John Marvel will be trapped in here for all eternity(even in death).

Treasure Hunter 2 Review

 Compared to the first one, 123Bee has shown some great improvements! For one thing, there's much more interactivity involved. Even the puzzles are a bit more tougher(though by know means frustrating. They still need to work on the ending and storyline a bit. But other then that, "The Mysterious Ship" is a heck of a lot better then part one! Now let's wait and see what the final episode will bring us.

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

Treasure Hunter 2 Walkthrough

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