Heart Attack

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 Perhaps tonight you'd rather join the good guys on Valentine's Day. You've practically already demolished your reputation getting acquainted with the dark side playing "Valentine Crush". Perhaps now that it's Valentine's Day, they'll amend the fact that you have betrayed all that is good. May I present to you...

Heart Attack

 Tonight, many peoples hearts are being attacked by little vicious devils and mischievous gremlins. Their aim is exactly what you were doing. Breaking up relationships and turning their hearts unto the dark side. Now you must save these poor innocent hearts by destroying your former pals you once cherished.

 There are 8 hearts you must protect on each platform. Use your arrows to shoot(via Space Bar) and hit B to blast them away block by block(be wary as you only have a limited number of arrows and only 3 bombs). Steer away with the Arrow Keys. The more hearts saved, the higher your score. With each passing platform, you earn an extra bomb. Good luck and may the cupid god's smile upon you!

Heart Attack Review

 The execution was perfect! With the music giving you the sense that something awful is about to happen down a dark lonesome urban allay. Only you can ward off evil and save the day! Those malevolent soundtracks does add further spice to the recipe. The game play runs anywhere between a first-person shooter and an adventure platformer. I'd wish they'd give more lives and ammo. But aside form that blunder, "Preloaded" has done an outstanding job on animation and scroll-playing graphics!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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