Ultimate Sonic Game

Help #Sonic and #Tails defeat the forces of evil in this flash rendition to #SonicTheHedgehog! #Sega #RetroGaming
 In a land far far away lies South Island. Occupied by four ruddy hogs. There names respectively were Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Cream(of whom became Sonic's lover). Together they lived off the fat of the island. Until the evil prince intruded and turned every inhabitant against them!

 Dr. Robonik has arrived and has released his minions throughout the six zones to extort the island from the dream team. After working many years to pay this island off, there's no way Sonic will just watch him take it away.

 Now is your chance to help these four hedgehogs destroy the evil Dr. Robonik and restore South Island back to it's vibrant self. Go through loop-de-loos, bang through walls, bounce on springboards, do whatever you have and bring an end to Dr. Robonik haughty stare. Your plot of land is counting on you.

Ultimate Sonic Review

 This most certainly feels like a game right out of Sega Genesis! Everything from the superior graphics, top-notch quality, upbeat music, clear sound effects, awesome stunts, and platforming are very much the way we first came to learn about this 16-bit gaming thing! But at the same token, all platforms are fairly unique! The difficulty is not so bad either(in fact I think it's just right). Which by the way is why Sonic is right behind Mario. So, if your looking for the greatest online rendition to Sonic The Hedgehog, I've got you covered!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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