Top Cop

Take a bite out of crime in this thug-infested neighborhood. #CopGames #OnlineGames Rumor has it that the Chicago Taverns are flooded with hucksters and crooks bringing the whole district into an uproar. Seeing you've earned the "Cop of The Year" award, their asking you to check up on things and dispel these dainty rumors. Many establishments have already threatened to go elsewhere. But driving down to the Taverns will be an experience you'll never forget!

 From one block to another, the whole section of town is littered with rebels and delinquents. Underground bootleggers and trafficking have become this districts nickname. The blood of it's victims(though concealed) cries out against these Taverns. Corruption has reached such heights, only an adequate cleanse will purify it's walls.

 You must restore order to a fallen Chicago zone and bring security unto the few innocents left within it's limits. Many analysts claim The Great Depression a few years back coupled with The prohibition Act might've contributed to the increase in crime rates. However, Al Capon will not be so famous once his sorry little butt get's arrested like everyone else.

Top Cop Review

 The music is based on that all-too-familiar Jazz hit "It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing"(which will celebrate it's 78th birthday in August). Those sound-effects are pretty robust and very much what you'd expect from a browser-based free online game. It's execution is way better then "Cop For This"(where you only see officers running around like paper figures). The game play is very casual with standard Miniclip graphics and animation. Again, "Top Cop" is very easy to begin but only get's tougher as the platforms progress. So bringing this all to a summery, "Top Cop" is definitely one heck of a unique adventure!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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