Teasure Hunter Escape-Pirate Ship

Help John Marvel as he searches for treasure across the Caribbean! #AdventureGames #PointAndClick #FlashGames
 John Marvel was a buccaneer who took on a voyage through the Caribbean. He had on board many male and female servants in addition to a couple of men who were also sea rovers. The year was 1761 when pirates roamed the 7 seas freely, searching for lost treasure they say lies buried beneath the Earth.

 In those days the planet was much cooler and thus veracious storms would spin off from the west and catch fellow voyagers unawares. Many a poor seafarer have perished under the surprising elements of the Caribbean. John Marvel was no different.

 While sailing off the Cayman Islands, an ominous line of storms suddenly descended upon their vessel. Leaving them to toss and fro against the mercy of the sea. A massive world-wind swallowed the ship then spit it out back toward Panama Bay. All perished beneath the raging seas. Only John Marvel lived to tell the tale.

 The next morning he found himself washed ashore shivering in a cool damp fog. A few local magistrates took him in. But then one of them remembered how he stripped a vessel of all it's gold belonging to his most highness in Spain. Immediately, they seized him in a wooden cell and sailed for the land of Spain. Where he must stand trial before the king of Spain.

 You must help John Marvel escape his fate(getting hanged on a noose). Use the mouse to point-and-click for clues and items which will only aid in getting him out of this dire situation. If he can pull this off, no one(not even the law) will be able to stop his voyage of the seven seas.

Treasure Hunter Escape(Pirate Ship) Review

 The soundtrack does have that sense of paranoia that someone's looking over your shoulder. The storyline was fairly unique though as you can tell, I had to fill in the gaps. I was a bit saddened by the abrupt ending along with it's limited duration. If they'd only lengthen the escape rout and introduce a lot more interactivity. Yet 123Bee is getting there. We'll see how they did on part 2 tomorrow.

Ratings: 3.8 Stars!

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