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 The year was 1987 when Teckno Bowl stormed to an arcade near you(I figured since it's the Superbowl Weekend, I'd share something relevant)! Before, Tecmo was just a Japanese mini-conglomerate, finding a niche most suitable for themselves. But by the 1980's, they found that niche and released about a handful of fairly successful tittles like "Tecmo Wrestling" and "Tecmo Bowl".

 It wouldn't be until 1989 they would release a home consul version for Nintendo called "Tecmo Super Bowl" which would bring them fame as the fist in a series of NFL franchise plus the first video game to ever have real logos and characters. For just a brief period, Tecmo was considered to be at it's peak. Yet as the wise would most eloquently affirm, "All thing's must pass".

 By the mid-late 90's the industry started to change and shirt focus.Whoever did not keep up either went bankrupt or never quite reached their former success(e.g. Michael Jackson with Thriller). Tecmo was no different. Yet to this day, they are still making gobs of cash with Nintendo and Xbox(Tecmo Bowl Kickoff). My only objection would be there questionable employee treatment(though I don't know the details quite yet).

 The 43ed Superbowl will be aired across the world Sunday Night! Why not get into the spirit with "Tecmo Bowl"! Though don't be surprised to find yourself playing the 21st Superbowl!

Tecmo Bowl Online Review

 I did find the sound quality a bit off. But other then that, NESCafe has done a terrific job emulating something from a home consul. If it wasn't for Virtual NES and NESCafe, Super Mario Brothers would never make it in good quality online.

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

Play Teckno Bowl!

Also try Teckno Super Bowl!


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