Tomb of Doom

Come check out this #Gumby-esque #Platformer by #Lute! #AdventureGames
 You have no idea why your here. All that comes to mind are fuzzy pictures of the desert. The rest is a mental block. Regardless, you are trapped inside a tomb and someone(or something) will not let you out. May I bring your attention to "Tomb of Doom"! A point-and-click game developed by Lute. The creator of "The Darkness" series.

 Find your way around this cavern with your mouse. Pick up objects along the way to get around ancient booby traps. But be very careful. There are creatures out there who will love to have you for an appetizer. The good news is, they are also incredibly stupid. As long as you are shrewd and resourceful, an escape will be found in no time.

However the question still remains. What is beyond that door?

For a comprehensive walkthrough, go to Nordinho's Tomb of Doom Walkthrough.

Tomb of Doom Review

 Even more so then "Dream Machine Demo", this reminds me of that Nickelodeon animation "Gumby" back in the good old days. Also striking is the execution. The beat boxing gives this game a post-modern twist(very much like Pizza Hot). Though some may disagree with me, I feel Lute did a fine job(minus the lack of animation)!

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

Play Tomb of Doom!


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