Mario Forever Flash

Ever wonder what an infinate number of #Mario levals would look like? Well ckeck out Mario forever Flash! #MarioGames
 It's time for Mario to strap a wrench on his side and jump into those signature overalls. Because the Princess has let herself get kidnapped again(sometimes you wander. Does she do this on purpose?). Bowser will never learn from his mistakes. As Thomas Edison put it eloquently...

"Those who make the same mistakes expecting a different outcome are truly insane."

 But oh, the things we do for love. If it wasn't for her sweet smile or pretty face, he would of thrown in the towel many years ago. But as it stands now, both are fortunate to sit on thrones and rule over a bunch of Mushroom-Heads.

 Long ago, this antagonist once hailed as a good king from the land of the Troopa's. Yet a fierce fall-out left him to betray Peach's father(the king) and rebel against what later became known as Mario Land. Bowser founded his own kingdom underground. Many troopa's followed his disastrous course(which is why we started naming him King Koopa). A minority of turtles however, did not turn evil(including our beloved Koopa-Troopa). Fearing for their very lives, they quickly escaped up to the Mushroomian Kingdom. These two kingdoms have been in constant rivalry ever since.

 But as soon as Mario won the trust of Mr. Toadstool and his wife, he gave the Princess(Peach) to him in marriage. Laying on him the keys to the kingdom. Yet even he could not get rid of this terd. Every time Mario or his brother defeated him, he'd sooner or later popped out of nowhere. Due to the artists conflict of interest, Bowser will never be terminated. No matter what "The Capped One" does, he will always come back for another match. But so is everyone in Mario Land. Call it a blessing or a curse, The Mario Brothers are all built to be immortal.

Mario Forever Flash Review

 A fantastic rendition of a Super Mario game from the Super Nintendo era(SNES). From the background-graphics, sound-effects, and 2D side-scrolling. The very specimen of Mario Land in 16-bits! However, I think the controls should of been confined simply to the Arrows and Spacebar. W-A-S-D may do, but most folks associate maneuvering and jumping with Up-Down-Right-Left and Space. There's an internet acronym going around which pretty much sums up my advise-KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid). But to be fair, Softendo has done an outstanding job and in my opinion has over delivered on their product-Mario Forever Flash!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Mario Forever Flash!


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