Feather Keeper

Here is a #Platformer #Adventuee by #EdvilThomas.
Once upon a time,

 A little figure lived in the sky. Deep within the recesses of the cumulus clouds. Happy and content in his own little world. He was the keeper of all things which have feathers. The birds which fly across the air to the goose of whom lays her eggs within a nest. As long as he kept a watchful eye, no one dared to disturb these little ones. Until now.

 Mr. Cloud has always been naughty and malevolent. Over the winding years, his jealousy for 'The Feather Keeper" blossomed fully into hatred. Mr. Clouds deep-seated bitterness prompted him to kidnap this little figure's father and pluck all feathers from the land far and wide. Thereby tarnishing his reputation.

 Tonight's review will feature "Feather Keeper" by Emil and Tomas from Sweden. In which you must aid this little guy through many challenging platforms of cotton-ball monsters, tree-stem blobs, and other gooey creatures flying around you. Use the Arrow Keys to run, jump, and crouch. Hit either X or Spacebar to shoot. Collect stars and yellow dots of all sizes for more points. The silver dots are for more ammo(don't worry like bandwidth, it'll take a load to run out;)). Look out for hearts and little men for energy boosts and extra men. There are six courses with a total of 27 leve3ls to complete.

 The keepers father is counting on you and the little guy to rescue him and restore order to this once peaceful habitat. Then all them that have feathers will look up to you for protection just like in former times.

Feather Keeper Review

 The first thing which caught my eye was the old school flavor to this game(especially the longing to see what's inside the box). The 16-bit soundtracks complete on a 2D side-scrolling platform, makes you savor for one more game. Now there's just one complaint I have. If game over ever becomes your plight, you'll have to start off at the beginning of the course. Weather it be 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, and so on. Granted, he did make it so we don't all end up back at level 1-1. Yet still, it can get annoying to fend on the same platforms. Aside from that error, Tomas and Emil did a great job, creating such a wonderful adventure!

Ratings: 4.9 Stars!

Play Feather Keeper!

[Note this game might not work for Google Chrome.]


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