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 Like "Space Invaders", "Asteroids" was considered an arcade revolution around the turn of the 80's. Even though the former won the race fair and square, they were both programmed out of squiggly lines-the stuff computers were made of back in the day. Lyle Rains(the man behind the Atari giant) had this to say about it...

 "I guess the way I describe it is that I'm the father of Asteroids. Ed Logg is the mother of Asteroids, because he had to live with it for nine months and deliver a finished product. All I had to do was to provide a seed."

Game play

 Just like it's offline equivalent, you must shoot a bunch of asteroid stick figures and hope that an occasional flying saucer comes by and offers you more points. Large asteroids will break into smaller chunks. So be sure to strike more then once. For reference, I will post a legend just below the review. May the force be with you.

Asteroids Review(Online Edition)

 In no way does this divert from the original 1979 edition(unless you were looking for a dusty arcade cabinet with those famous squiggly glitches). I am impressed by it's faithful preservation and hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Ratings 5 stars!

Up-Down Arrows=Roaming

Right-Left Arrows=Turning

Play Astroids!


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