Dream Machine Demo

Here is a breathtaking #Virtual #3D dreamscape dream machine demo. #AdventureGames
 On a long voyage across the seven seas, you head right into the jaws of a tempestuous storm. Howling winds, vicarious rogue waves, torrential rains, and sonic booms have left you to reel to and fro at the mercies of the waters. All was lost or so it seemed.

 Some time late you miraculously find yourself on an islet in one piece. But your ship has been torn into a million pieces. Help is nowhere to be found. There is no land(much less people) for thousands of miles on either side. Yet there's something else fishy going on this island.

 Someone must of been on this little island. With all these items left behind, it's as if they were put here just for you. But there is a caveat by the way. You'll have to revert back to being "The survival of the fittest"(and no, this is no Darwinian garbage).

 Might as well kiss suburbia goodbye. For unless you find a way to get out of here, you'll never set foot within a city again. Here is a list of the tools you must find...

  • Three pieces of chopped wood.
  • A shovel.
  • A lighter.
  • A fishing rod.
  • A worm.
  • A fish.
  • A map.

 But suddenly in the midst of all this, you wake up and realize it's all just a dream. But something still just doesn't seem right. The question still remains. Are you awake or still dreaming. Find out this April when the official version of "The Dream Machine" launches.

"The Dream Machine" Demo Review

 I am very impressed with it's animation so far. Reminds me very much of Nickelodeon's Gumby cartoon(no longer shown). The sound-tracking emanates the sounds of a tropical shoreline quite nicely(despite the claymation scenery). I was a bit perturbed by having to do a little pixel-hunting now and then. Not to mention I had to disable a few toolbars to see the whole screen. But besides those two mishaps, these guys have done an outstanding job with the demo! Now let's wait and see what the real version is gonna give us.

Ratings: 4.2 Stars!

"The Dream Machine" Walkthrough

1. Pick up three pieces of wood. Place them on bond fire.

2. Move small rock from it's place to reveal a lighter.

3. Light a fire at bond site.

4. Pick up shovel to your far right.

5. Dig then zoom-in to catch a worm on the left side from fire.

6. Take fishing rod from palm tree and place it on stem.

7. Take worm from inventory place it on the winding part of fishing rod.

8. This will attract a fish which you must cook over the fire.

9. Eat it to reveal a secret map.

10. Zoom-in to discover the legends upside down.

11. The map shows the X at the front center. Dig it up with your shovel.

12. Zoom-in to reveal an alarm clock which goes off.

13. At that point, you wake up to find something's just not right.

14. Find out what in the official release of "The Dream Machine".

Play Dream Machine Demo!

[Update: chapters 1-5 have been released but with a surcharge. You can buy them Here.]


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