Tom and Jerry Mouse About The House

Help #Jerry get past #Tom to get a snack in the house. #FlashGames #CartoonGames
 It is now 12:00 noon and Jerry's stomach is growling. Yet strangely enough, Tom has scattered cheese nibblets like breadcrumb trails all over the house. With those rodent instincts wired into you, who could resist such an urge? It's a good thing Tom's about to take a nap.

 You must help our little friend(who's been spell-bound by the aroma of cheese) not fall into on of Tom's booby traps. drag-and-drop the right idems at the right time to even out the rough edges and smooth his path toward never ending supply of cheese. If his journey is successful, then a growling stomach won't be a concern for Jerry(that's if Nibbles doesn't eat it all).

Mouse About The House Review

 As a third-person you are guiding Jerry on a journey with close encounters. My only complaint would be it's short duration(not to mention based on the all-new Tom and Jerry ugh). Aside from that, I immensely enjoyed playing this little game.

Tom and Jerry Mouse About The House WalkThrough

The Backyard

1. Put match box in front of pond(this will allow Jerry to sail across the pond).
2. Put skateboard in front of pole(this will allow him to jump on clothesline).
Take laundry basket so Jerry can safely land on the other side.

Living Room

1. Leave stinky shoe before first mouse trap(this'll doter him through a mouse hole).
2. Set T.V. romote in front of Tom(curiosity always kills the cat).
3. Put match stick in bottom hole of rug(so he can sneak underneath those mousetraps).

Dining Room

1. Take the bowl of jelly to the second cheese on floor(so he can jump on the cabinet).
2. Set the candlestick on the other side of cabinet(This will set up a bridge).
3. Set napkin on other side of table(so Jerry can use it as a parachute).
4. Put chair in front of cabinet.

The Kitchen

1. Leave napkin on cabinet hook.(so Jerry can climb up).
2. Put pans on stove burners.
3. Spill soap in sink.
4.Put mop at the other end of shelf(then finally Jerry can eat all the cheese he wants).

Ratings: 4.2 Stars!

Play Tom and Jerry: Mouse About the House!


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