Polar Rescue

Help this brave #Penguin rescue his buddies in #Polar rescue! #WinterFlashGames #WinterGames #Miniclip
 Some foreign enemies have invaded Antarctica with an iron fist. Many penguins have been taken captive further inland where food and water is scarce. Only a terrible diet of rations and icicles were on the menu. Memories of hunting top sirloin fish were cherished like rare gold. Freedom like a bag of jewels. All was lost and so it seemed. Until someone bold and courageous came to the rescue.

 Help this brave little soul overthrow the Ice Giants' domain and bring back peace to this frozen wasteland. Use the Arrow Keys to move, Space Bar to jump, and hit Shift to fire snowballs at your enemies. Grab all the stars suspended in mid-air(or the Ice Giant won't even consider you a worthy opponent). Your fellow penguins are counting on you to restore independence to this icy continent.

Polar Rescue Review

 The sound-effects are fair and what you'd expect from living in the arctic(or should I say antarctic). The introduction slightly oversells his rescue plan(after all, they need all the hope they can get). Yet I was a bit disgruntled on the difficulty just getting started. Particularly those three rotating platforms toward the end. But other then those dilemmas, I am hard-pressed to find any problems.

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!


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Polar Rescue

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