The Legend of Zelda

Here is where it all started with #Miyomoto in the Legend of #Zelda for the #NES!
 It all began as a Japanese dream. To develop a hero like #Mario but only found within Ocarinian legends. In a land where there were more then one race of humans. A world full of enchantment, and mysteries just waiting to be explored.  Ladies and gentlemen, in 1986 The Legend of Zelda was born!

 After 23 years, we are still reaping the benefits from Miyamoto's vision. Unlike today's gaming industry which is here today and gone tomorrow, games like these will last a lifetime(just like The Beatles White Album and Michael Jackson's Thriller). I bet you all could recount the many times of coming this close, but dying before obtaining that book-guarded with muscles and red and blue Dark knights. So for a little shot of nostalgia, go ahead and knock yourselves out!

The Legend of Zelda Review(Online Edition)

  I am thoroughly impressed by the quality and efficiency. Yet I was the slightest bit perturbed by the static sound you hear with the music. But other then that little blunt, VNES has got to be the best emulators on the web!

Ratings: 5 Stars !

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