Tipping Point Game

Tipping Point by #DanRussell is a surreal #PointAndClick #AdventureGame #InteractiveNarrative.
 I'm sure many of you in the east(USA) are just savoring to get away on a tropical island filled with warm-bathing sunshine and soft gentle breezes. A place unmarred by man. Well tonight, don't expect to get there by plane. There crashing all over the place in L.A. Just outside your window.

 Anyways, a man no older then his 20's arrives home after a night out at the movies with his girl. After flipping through the channels on his useless satellite T.V., he quickly dozed off for a half an hour. But when conciseness slowly crept back in, something just wasn't quite right.

 Your television set now appears to be a portal of some sort. But where? Ahh...Now there's a million dollar question to ponder. Let me introduce you to the...

Tipping Point Adventure Game

 A point-and-click adventure series by Dan Russel Pinson. What began as an experiment to test his skills with flash soon turned out to be one of the finest online games to hit the world wide web! Those tunes that you hear throughout the game were actually composed by him and his friends. Even as far back as the late 80's.

 "Tipping Point" is just what it's name implies. You are sucked in to an alternate reality on the verge of becoming the outer limits. Someone from beyond has asked desperately for your help. Only you you can save help this man get what he wants. Take a chance and plunge into the deep! Boldly going where no man has gone before!

Tipping Point Game Review

 I am just absolutely stunned on how well this masterpiece was put together! From the strikingly realistic picture quality to the most beautiful artistic depiction on what it's like to wander through a tropical island paradise! Most of all, how well the pieces of the puzzle fit together and the in depth storyline which takes you into their world away from home(heck, there's even a spot where you'll have to play a game within a game)! With state of the art sound-effects homemade soundtracks, this dude is literally head and shoulders above the rest(where else can you find such an elegant free online game)!

Chapter 1!

Chapter 2!

Chapter 3!

Chapter 4!

Chapter 5 is only available for purchase(so far)!

Feel like your getting nowhere? The Tipping Point Adventure Game Walkthrough is here to help!


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