Buggy Run 2

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 As a fellow U.S. Soldier serving his time, you have been given a top secret military assignment in Alaska's frozen heartland.  Your mission is to to test-drive a new military buggy through rocky terrain while avoiding land mines, missiles, and bombs thrown in your face.

 Since your time was almost up you thought, "hey, what's there to lose. I'll be set for life after this." But soon enough you found out(the hard way) what's buried underneath the fine print. A handful of Navy Pilots were ordered to aim their missiles right at you! Not to terminate you but assure this new buggy surpasses Military standards! As freezing as it is up here in mid-Winter, you sure hope those benefits will not only sustain you, but your whole family. Besides, it's an honor serving this great nation of ours!

Buggy Run 2

 The music has a bit of a fast-paced Techno kink which warms you up to a Military obstacle course.  The sound-effects are pretty much your average variety. But I felt the game itself lacked a bit on the originality(since there's not much more then racing a buggy up and down a 2D platforming hill while not getting nuked). Regardless, I think you'll enjoy taking this for a spin!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

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