Glacial Break

Help #Scrat thaw-out his friends in #IceAge 2: Glacial Break! #WinterGames #IceAgeGames
 Scrat the saber-toothed squirrel is at it again! But this time he's come out of his little hole and made some new friends. Unfortunately, another Ice Age has transformed the once lush forest into another frozen tundra and left him without any friends to play with... Until a brilliant idea came across his little walnut head.

 "Why don't I cause glacial friction? That way I'll thaw my little friends back to life and pave the way to Global Warming" Scrat thought to himself. So off to work he went.

 Help our little beloved friend save his buddies from another 300 years of refrigeration. Find two or more of the same colored ice cubes(in your furry little hands) and land the block to exterminate them. Keep on going until every single piece of ice is removed and your friend is thawed. Whatever you do, don't let the ice reach the top. It's just a matter of time before he get's his little friends back.

Warning: Game may cause bouts of the Tetris Effect!

Glacial Break Review

 The outstanding flash animation and graphics along with superb sound-effects more then justifies the absence of music! The game play is more akin to Solitaire. You got a match, everything's going your way. But come the times when they spit out these useless cubes? Well, let's just say a little bit of luck is involved.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Ice Age Glacial Break!


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