Time Escape-The Old House

Help this guy get back to his own time in 1999 because of #Y2K. #NewYearsGames EscapeGames
 Tonight we're gonna make it like it's New Years Eve 1999. As a most respected scientist you are overseeing a top secret experiment on a possible breakthrough. If things go as planned, we could harness the energy to travel faster then the speed of light! But of course it went all wrong.

 An overcharged fuse mysteriously sends you 100 years into the future! In the same exact house(only a lot older and rusty). Walking into the hallway, a calendar posted on the wall says it's February 29th, 2100! It's remotely impossible to find any friends who've lived past 120(nevermind the century mark). What's more? You are trapped inside without even a window to look outside!

 Use your little mouse to point-and-click your way around for some clues. Use your brain to connect all the dots together to solve this riddle and hopefully get back in time.

Time Escape Chapter 1 Review

 The background music does have the feeling of eeriness. With quite the standard sound-effects The execution is fairly intriguing and original(though the voice simulator is a bit outdated). The game itself was very long and a bit frustrating though otherwise well worth your time and energy. Barking Games(I forgot the guys name) did a stupendous job with the design and overall feel.

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

Play Time Escape Chapter 1!

And for a comprehensive walkthrough, Click Here!


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