Elevator Escape

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 All you wanted to do was go to bed. Commuting in rush hour traffic with icy conditions with a boss breathing down your neck for eight hours can wear anyone down. Oh, doesn't it feel great to be home at last! Thank goodness these folks had renting space available. The price is just right for such a comfy downtown Atlanta apartment(actually quite shockingly so). But tonight, I'll know just why.

 After boarding the elevator, you press 27 just yearning to kick off your shoes and climb into those warm covers. Then suddenly you are rudely taken out of thought and realize the elevators stuck! Frantically, you try your shot at the emergency button only to be greeted with silence. A note on the wall says...

 "Proceed at your own risk from 1030 P.M.-7:30 A.M. We at the Fixington Suits strongly urge our customers to use the stairs during the graveyard shift due to the lack of employees during this great recession. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you enjoy living at the Grand Fixington!

Sincerely-The management"

 "Well, you guys could've maybe posted it outside the elevator?!" "Unless I find a way somehow to fix this, I'll be staring at this four-cornered room all night!" It's a good thing his friend taught him a few things about being a technician.

 You must help this poor fella find a way to escape this elevator. Use the mouse to find clues and objects in order to repair this useless machine. Then hopefully, you'll have enough time to sleep before facing another stressful day.

Elevator Escape Review

 The soundtrack does give you that sense of being stranded inside a claustrophobic metal box(uncertain that you'll ever get out). The execution and delivery is very crisp and clear. With smooth picture quality and fairly good pixelation. The game play itself is fairly challenging though not at all frustrating. The only thing really unique is being stranded in an elevator(which is pretty cool as long as it's not you). So to bring it all together, 123bee has delivered another fine room-escape game!

Here's a Walkthrough!

Play Elevator Escape!


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