Thin Ice

Here is Thin Ice, an #Arcade #Platformer by #Nitrome! #WinterGames #WinterFlashGames
 It's the middle of Winter and the air is quite nippy. Mysterious creatures have invaded many icy lakes across town. Keeping many from enjoying their favorite hobby. Until you came along on your favorite ice skates.

 You must glide your way in loop de loop to catch these monsters off guard. Making them perish in the bone-chilling waters below. Just be careful you don't fall in yourself. Those frozen waters are like a thousand knives stabbing into your gut.

 Use the mouse to right-click your way in loops and cut a chunk of ice beneath their feet(like Wile E.Coyote). Collecting extra trinkets, power-ups, and other goodies along the way. Just don't run into these beasts! They have a knack for biting. The towns folk are eagerly counting on you to have their ice rinks back. Good luck!

Thin Ice Review

 The tune is very reminiscent of those dark cold Bostonian nights in mid-Winter as I recall eating a slice of oily brick-oven pizza at an Italian Pizzeria. The sound effects were fairly crisp. Yet I found the gameplay just a little too challenging. But otherwise the pixels and animation make this another great endeavor from the folks at Nitrome!

Ratings: 4.97 Stars!

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Thin Ice

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