Snow Drift

Here is another #WinterPlatformer from #Nitrome! #WinterFlashGames
 Cryptic legends have identified "The Abominable Snowman" as non other then some distant relative of "Big Foot". Which parallels what a Grizzly Bear and a Polar Bear look like. If this snob beast does in fact dwell within the largest mountains of the world, then tonight he will need your help in keeping his status as the king of the mountain. May I introduce you to Yetti in...

Snow Drift

 An online platforming adventure developed by the threesome-Simon Hunter, Aaron Steed, and Lee Nicklen-all part of a team at

 Yetti is not your ordinary Abominable Snowman. This furry little fella hardly looks intimidating and is lacking on his confrontational skills. As you might expect, many have taken advantage of his bashful inclinations. Even going so far as to boot him off the mountain.

 That's why he needs your help to assert his authority on Mount Everest! Even if it means shoving penguins and polar bears with F16's off the cliff! You must cleanse the mountain of all intruders who so dare to enter your domain.

 Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys for mobility, the Lower Arrow for gliding on ice, and the Space Bar for jumping. Remember, you cannot glide on the snowpack. Do not get assaulted more then twice. Otherwise, you die. Yetti is counting on you to give him his lot-that is the Himalayas.

Snow Drift Review

 As always, Nitrome delivers such funky game tunes with state of the art sound effects. The platform is very well designed and executed.  I find the game play very intriguing and  junky-inducing(although I wish they gave you more then 3 measly lives). So in a nutshell, Nitrome has once again created a spectacular free online game!

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

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