Snow Plow

Nantucket has just recieved a trace of snow! Now you must clear each parking lot of this #WhiteStuff! #WinterFlashGames #WinterGames
 It is now -10F at 2:00 P.M. Just east of Boston Harbor on Nantucket Island(nevermind what the wind chill is). An inch of fresh powder had just accumulated from last night's clipper. But thank goodness it's only fluffy and dry. Because you have been called to clear out the parking lots with your plow.

 Never mind the beach is practically deserted, you didn't sleep at all last night. Tossing and turning through the night watches, all you can think of right now is a nice hot cup of Joe and a warm snugly bed complete with a heating blanket. If it wasn't for the high wages($25 an hour complete with fringe benefits and incentive), you'd definitely go look for a new job! But now your stuck shoveling snow in the freezing cold to keep the wife and kids in good shape.

 Use the Upper and Lower Arrow Keys to go forward and reverse. Whenever you need to turn, hit the Arrow Keys which point Right or Left. You must clear a percentage of the parking lot they specify in order to proceed to the next course. Just remember, your little plow machine only can handle so much of the white stuff. Which is important as you don't want someone who's already late to work wind up with a huge mound blocking their way out!  Snow is fun in all to play in. Yet it can be a pain in the neck to drive in!

Snow Plow Review

 You can almost feel the cold by the way that engine sounds. Which makes the absence of any background music excusable. There is a lot of strategy and a bit of trial-and-error before you start becoming seasoned(though I wish more levels were thrown in). So overall, I enjoyed farting around with this mechanical plow for 10 minutes and I think you will too.

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

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